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Thursday, August 6, 2015

Visit Tea Gardens of Moulvibazar and Take Rest in DuSai

Workers are plucking tea leafs
 Welcome to the "land of tea" is the thing that a model says on the passage of the Moulvibazar region. It representations a female tea-plucker with a bushel on her back. This is sufficient to tell you the fundamental fascination of this spot is the tea-domains. In any case, it will be just a large portion of the photo, as moulvibazar has such a large number of different interests other than the tea-bequests.

Moulvibazar is a north-eastern locale of Bangladesh. On its west is Habiganj. On the north side it is encompassed by Sylhet distrtict. While on the South and east sides it has a limit with Indian states Tripura and Assam separately. From these neighboring states different streams discover their way into Moulvibazar. The Dholoi, Manu and Juri ,the primary streams of this district, are such waterways.

Moulvibazar offers incredible grand magnificence and massive regular appeal. Tea-greenery enclosures, blended evergreen woods, mountains and waterfalls running down these mountains are the real interests of its magnificence. Among different attractions of the area are the fascinating way of life of the tea-garden specialists and the one of a kind society of the neighborhood tribal individuals. The extravagant homes made by the exiles might likewise be noted in the "Spots to See" list.

Tea domains are the basic most element of Moulvibazar. Moulvibazar has numerous slopes – little ones and enormous ones took after by level grounds. These topographic elements make it extremely great for generation of tea. This is the reason there are 92 tea-domains in Moulvibazar while there are 154 of them in the entire nation. Bangladesh has turned into one of the main nations of the world in sending out tea. Two of the best tea creating domains on the planet are situated here. In the tea – gardens the tea trees are planted in consistent way in the slants of the slopes. Huge trees normally trees bearing natural products are planted in the middle of them to give shade. Everything there is in a deliberate manner. Each plant and tree is by all accounts extremely strict as though not to upset the normality. In these tea domains different creatures discover asylum. In the event that you are fortunate you may see some uncommon creatures while going by them.
Moulvibazar has thrived much as a vacationer spot. An expansive number of sightseers from home and abroad consistently visit this spot. For their settlement, now a decent number of lodgings are accessible here with a couple of contrasts in offices served. Some of Moulvibazar's hotels are :

Hotel Sonargaon (contact no: 0861 – 64607)
Hotel Helal (contact no : 0861- 52535)
Hotel Rezia (contact no: 01716 – 086463)
Parjatan Resthouse (contact no: 0861 – 52350)
Sheraton Plaza (contact no: 0861 – 52020)
Hotel Rajdhani
Hotel Camilla
Hotel Basundhara
Hotel Lal Kella
Some restaurants are –
Hotel Western Plaza (contact no: 0861 – 64810)
Bengal Food and Restaurant
Hotel City King Chinese (contact no: 0861 – 62775)
Hotel Prince
Manager stall etc. Most of the People are Muslim live here. To know more about Muslims please watch this video: What is Islam

All these Hotels and Restaurants are located in Moulvibazar town. You can also book your rooms in hotels not located in moulvibazar rather than in Srimangal, which may be considered the best tourist attraction spot of this division.
Some hotels and restaurant in Srimangal are –

Hotel Plaza (contact no: 08626 – 71525)
Tea resort (contact no: 08626 – 71207)
B.T.R.I (contact no: 08626 – 71225)
Tea town restaurant
Hotel Prince etc.
You can take rest at Dusai Resort Spa Watch Youtube Video


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