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Sunday, July 24, 2016

Sundarban is Blessed With Natural Beauty

Royal Bengal Tiger
Royal Bengal Tiger
 The Sundarbans (Bengali: সুন্দরবন, Shundôrbôn) is a characteristic district involving southern Bangladesh and a little part in the Indian State of West Bengal. It is the biggest single square of tidal halophytic mangrove backwoods on the planet. The Sundarbans covers roughly 10,000 square kilometers (3,900 sq mi) a large portion of which is in Bangladesh with the rest of India. The Sundarbans is an UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Sundarbans South, East and West are three ensured backwoods in Bangladesh. This district is thickly secured by mangrove woods, and is the biggest stores for the Bengal tiger. The Sundarbans National Park is a National Park, Tiger Reserve and a Biosphere Reserve situated in the Sundarbans delta in the Indian condition of West Bengal. 

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Visit Saint Martin Island "The Mauritius of Bangladesh"

Saint Martin
Saint Martin Island
Some individual calls it the "Mauritius of Bangladesh" some person "Daruchini Deep". Local individuals have named the island as "Narikel Jinjira"- the Coconut Island. However, for Bangladeshi guests, the most fitting equivalent word would be "Neel Dariar Desh"- The Land of Blue Sea. You will appreciate the dark blue mass of water of the Indian Ocean from all aspects of the island.

Saint Martin is the main coral island of Bangladesh. Water around the island hold the good condition (temperature, saltiness, water clarity, broke up oxygen) for developing polyps keeping in mind the end goal to assemble coral provinces. The submerged reefs encompass the island, which are noticeable toward the south and southeast. It has a region of around 8 square kilometer in low tides. Nonetheless, it presses with expansion in the ocean level in high tides. It is 3 to 12 feet over the ocean level. The island resembles a dumbbell. The North part, where the vast majority of the occupants live, is call the "Uttarpara" and the remote south part is known as the "Dakshinpara". The Narrowest neckline is known as the "Golachipa" (crushed neck) that is just around 100 meter wide. Three little islands are situated toward the southern part of the island. They are named as Chheradia or Chheradeep (the torn island) since, they get disengaged from the principle island amid the high tides.