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Thursday, July 7, 2016

Visit Saint Martin Island "The Mauritius of Bangladesh"

Saint Martin
Saint Martin Island
Some individual calls it the "Mauritius of Bangladesh" some person "Daruchini Deep". Local individuals have named the island as "Narikel Jinjira"- the Coconut Island. However, for Bangladeshi guests, the most fitting equivalent word would be "Neel Dariar Desh"- The Land of Blue Sea. You will appreciate the dark blue mass of water of the Indian Ocean from all aspects of the island.

Saint Martin is the main coral island of Bangladesh. Water around the island hold the good condition (temperature, saltiness, water clarity, broke up oxygen) for developing polyps keeping in mind the end goal to assemble coral provinces. The submerged reefs encompass the island, which are noticeable toward the south and southeast. It has a region of around 8 square kilometer in low tides. Nonetheless, it presses with expansion in the ocean level in high tides. It is 3 to 12 feet over the ocean level. The island resembles a dumbbell. The North part, where the vast majority of the occupants live, is call the "Uttarpara" and the remote south part is known as the "Dakshinpara". The Narrowest neckline is known as the "Golachipa" (crushed neck) that is just around 100 meter wide. Three little islands are situated toward the southern part of the island. They are named as Chheradia or Chheradeep (the torn island) since, they get disengaged from the principle island amid the high tides.

The population is around 7,000. The vast majority of them originated from Chittagong and Noakhali areas. They are traditionalist a bit, yet courteous and well disposed. Their significant calling is getting and drying fish. A considerable measure of fishes of various species are netted around this island every year.

One hundred eighty-two types of wild lives are found in this island. Among them, 4 species are creatures of land and water, 28 reptiles, 130 winged animals and 20 warm blooded creatures. The main predatory creature lives in the Saint Martin are the puppies.

There is no power in this island however the greater part of the lodging administrations use their individual generators to deliver power from dusk to midnight. The coastal territory must be stayed out of manufactured light with a specific end goal to shield the marine animals like ocean turtles that jerk out from water to lay eggs amid the night.

These is a brief to think about the Saint Martin, however what will truly strike in your psyche is only the total excellence! The completely clear water, various dark sand stones, deserted coral province, bright shells and crabs will give you significant beguilement. You will recollect the essence of the coconuts of the island, we set out say. 

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