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Monday, September 5, 2016

Safari Park in Cox's Bazar Dulahazra

Safari Park
Safari Park Cox's Bazar
Dulahazra Safari Park is at Chakaria Upazila in Cox's Bazar District in Bangladesh. It is around 107 km. far from the port city Chittagong. Its region is 2,224 sections of land. With a perspective to make offices for eco-tourism, research work and diversion beside rationing wild creatures in an indigenous habitat.

Dulahazra Park is home to no less than 4,000 creatures of 165 species. The new government has stepped to build up the recreation center in January 2007. Numerous people additionally "gave" a portion of the creatures to the recreation center. The seized and gave creatures as of late sent to the recreation center incorporate 90 spotted deer (chital), 42 yelping deer (maya, a types of muntjac deer), three sambar deer, one freshwater crocodile, one saltwater crocodile, nine mountain bear, four pythons, 17 peacocks, 19 Turkish fowls and two emus.

The Dhaka Zoo is the another wellspring of creature. While the creature populace in Dhaka zoo has expanded throughout the years because of their reproducing, the Dhaka zoo gives various lions and tigers to the Dulahazra Safari Park.

 Visitor Attractions:

Since the recreation center was made open to the general population, it is swarmed throughout the entire year — 6,000 guests every day amid crest season (November to March) and 2,000 guests day by day amid off season (April to October).

The recreation center itself secures a substantial number of wild elephants which are local to the zone. In the safari park there are trained elephants which are accessible for a ride. Guests can likewise discover here lions, Bengal tigers, Crocodiles, Bears, Chitals and heaps of various sorts of winged animals and monkeys.

The Climate is subtropical in nature. The normal yearly precipitation is 3599 mm, most sweltering month is October, coldest month is January, driest month is December, wettest month is July, normal greatest temperature is 34.20C and normal least temperature is 15.60C . 

  • How to get there
    From Cox’s Bazar you can reach Chakaria by Bus/ Microbus or Chander Gari ( One kind of Jeep).
  • Where to stay
    After visiting this park you have to come back to Cox’s Bazar.There are many hotels and restaurant you can find in Cox’s Bazar to stay and fooding.
  • Entry Permits/Fees Adults:                                                          BDT 20
    Students(Below 15 years):                               BDT 10
    Student group( 30 to 100 persons):                   BDT 200
    Student group( More than 100 persons):             BDT 400
    Foreigner :                                                     BDT 350/ USD 5   
    Visit by safari bus :                                         BDT 20
    Parking fees:
    Bus:                                                              BDT 100
    Car/Microbus:                                                  BDT 50
  • Opening time 9.00 AM
  • Closing time 5.00 PM
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